Largest manufacturer of citric acid in the Middle East


This factory is located in jovain, north west of sabzevar, near the neghab railway station and in the heart of cultivation and industry. One of its advantages is the railway connection. Its area is 53 hectares, which has more than thirteen hectares of green space.


Modern and equipped with first-level automation system


Using the latest technology in wastewater Purification


wastewater Purification


BP England international reference standard for the production of citric acid, which is revised every year. In fact, BP, which stands for (BRITISH PHARMACOPOEIA) is determine  the citric acid production  analysis and is worldwide accepted.

result of analysis by the reference laboratory of Standard specifies That quality of citric acid produced during the trial period is equal to BP2016.
In other words, the quality of citric acid is manufactured in accordance with international standards.
additionally is Full implemented with the Bureau of Standards,standard No. 3381

In the following table the standard test BP, E330 Europe Union and the Jovain products results will be presented.

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